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Buy to Let - Get the Latest Reports

The buy-to-let market outlook for September 2023 is a subject of interest and speculation. Reports from various sources provide insights into the potential trends and challenges that investors may face. We at More Financial have collated these reports and provided a quick go to for the most common sought after information. For buy to let mortgage advice get in touch.

  • Rental Price Trends: According to, rents are expected to rise in 2023, influenced by factors such as increased demand and post-mini budget changes. This could impact both existing and potential landlords.

  • Mortgage Market Dynamics: The report suggests that the buy-to-let mortgage market will continue to evolve. Investors might encounter challenges in finding suitable mortgage options due to changing market conditions.

  • Investment Potential: Despite uncertainties, predicts buy-to-let to remain a favorable long-term investment option in 2023. Reports indicate a projected 6.5% growth, emphasizing its potential as a viable investment choice.

  • Market Impact of Budget Announcements: The report highlights the impact of budget announcements on the buy-to-let market. The mini budget announcement in September has led to changes in the mortgage market, affecting available deals.

  • Statistics and Demographics: compiles buy-to-let statistics, including mortgage approvals and landlord demographics. These insights offer a broader view of the market and its dynamics.

  • Rental Demand: highlights the growth in demand for rental homes. Despite economic uncertainties, the demand for rental properties is on the rise, potentially benefiting buy-to-let investors.

In conclusion, the buy-to-let market outlook for September 2023 suggests a mix of challenges and opportunities. Investors should closely monitor trends in rental prices, mortgage market dynamics, and investment potential to make informed decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will rental prices continue to rise in 2023?

According to, rental prices are expected to rise in 2023 due to increased demand and market changes.

What challenges might Buy to Let investors face in finding mortgages?

The report suggests that Buy to Let investors might face hurdles in finding suitable mortgages due to evolving market conditions.

Is Buy to Let still a good investment option in 2023?

Yes, reports from indicate that Buy to Let remains a promising long-term investment option in 2023 with a projected 6.5% growth.

How did the mini budget announcement impact the Buy-to-Let market?

The mini budget announcement in September led to changes in the mortgage market, affecting available deals, as noted in the report.

Where can I find comprehensive Buy-to-Let statistics for 2023? provides up-to-date Buy-to-Let statistics, including mortgage approvals, lending trends, and landlord demographics.

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